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The Look

We have a number of various DJ set-ups we call The Look, including our signature ‘decks on show’ set-up. This really allows the DJ to get involved with the party. We also have the more classic traditional DJ booths available.  All of our looks include a wash of coloured lighting behind your DJ that can be matched with your wedding or party theme, from bright and vibrant, to neutral warm glowing colours.
We are also able to create new DJ booth concepts to fit in with your wedding theme and style. Check out our gallery page link here for some great inspiration.

‘Decks On Show’

This stylish and exposed look enhances the DJ, showing off their skills and flair when working to give a real live DJ feel. All equipment is tidy and visible with either a choice of a black or white table covering.  You can choose to have the white version illuminated to transform the look to a vibrant or warm colour.

‘Classic DJ Booth’

Traditional DJ booths in black or white, with bright white LEDs or classic fairy lights.  This classic timeless look can complement any wedding or party. These booths surround the DJ and equipment creating a tidy and clean finished look.

‘Concept Designs’

Why not customise the look of your DJ booth?  Speak to us about how we can action your ideas to fit into the theme of your party.

Previous concept designs include:

  • Georgian writing desk, complete with banker’s lamp.
  • Wooden slated booth.
  • Reclaimed pallet DJ surround for a real rustic feel.

The Look - Alternative white

The Look - Alternative white

The Look - Classic black booth warm white LED's

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