16 Aug 2017

Where to Find Support for your Wedding Ambitions – UKAWP

The UKAWP is a highly regarded professional body within the wedding industry. Designed to aid couples and wedding planners alike find the right specialist supplier that meet the UKAWP’s expected standards.

16 Aug 2017

Lets face it, for most people, the thought of organising a wedding where you are the focal point of the day and you have a multitude of pressures to make it absolutely perfect is kind of, well…….overwhelming! That’s where the UKAWP (UK Alliance of Wedding Planners) steps in.  This well respected top leading body in the wedding industry is co-directed by the organisationally gifted Bernadette Chapman of Dream Occasions and Sandy Moretta of Tern Events.

UKAWP Dreamwave Events

All of us at Dreamwave HQ are proud to have been invited into the UKAWP family as a supporter member supplier for DJ Entertainment and Lighting Hire.   This trusted directory for both wedding planners and couples alike has accumulated talented and ethical professionals.  As a result finding the right specialist for your wedding proves effortless.

As George Orwell said, “Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket.”  In the case of UKAWP, its a gold plaited swill bucket!


What is UKAWP?

The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners is a highly regarded solid network for wedding suppliers and couples who are looking for knowledgeable trustworthy industry experts.  With the wedding industry being unregulated; the close knit family within the UKAWP provides a solid platform of experts bringing peace of mind to it’s users.  Each provider featured on the site have been vetted by the UKAWP.  They work together and meet the high standards of professionalism.

UKAWP Member Wedding DJ Lighting Hire Essex Suffolk

In Conclusion….

Needless to say that being part of this highly regarded network of exclusive professionals within the wedding and event planning industry is well received by us at Dreamwave Events.  We look forward to our continued working relationship with both the UKAWP, Bernadette and Sandy.

UKAWP Member Wedding DJ Lighting Hire Essex Suffolk

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