Mick Pollard – Our Right Hand Handyman!
13 Aug 2018

Mick Pollard – Our Right Hand Handyman!

Mick is always found tinkering in our storage area repairing, organising and improving. 

13 Aug 2018

Mick is a man who knows a lot about everything.  He is our resident being in the warehouse and an invaluable member of our team.   Not only in the warehouse, he can also be founds crewing on events or with a hot brew in his palms.

What Does Mick Do at Dreamwave Events?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – but if it is; give it to Mick! He is definitely the daddy of Dreamwave, taking care of us all.  He’s an organisational crackerjack and our warehouse wonder-man.  Mick Pollard, the master of mending is repairing the world one light bulb at a time.  He keeps all our products in tip top condition, checking each individual item carefully prior to each event, making sure it’s to the Dreamwave high standards of expectation.

Being the Lord of the warehouse, he has to be meticulous in his workings.  He always has several assignments on the go from simple painting and decorating, staying ready for the busy season to being part of implementing new lighting project designs.  Thus helping Dreamwave Events keep ahead of the game by bringing new inspirational arrangements that lead the way in wedding and party lighting and decor trends.

Mick Pollard Dreamwave Crew Essex Suffolk Lighting Handyman

Current Projects with Mick Pollard

As Mick is pretty handy with a soldering iron, he can be found in the centre of new projects tinkering away in the warehouse.  His current work is directing him to the design of a new prototype DJ Booth to add to our current collection of DJ set upsWatch this space…..



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