Spotlight on Darren – Garage Music Top 20
25 Nov 2017

Spotlight on Darren – Garage Music Top 20

Headphones on, World Off. DJ Darren Saxby is in the hot seat discussing the music that represents energy and emotion, reminding you of those boozy nights back in the 90’s – the vibe of Garage Music!

25 Nov 2017

Garage music  has firmly held a deserved title as one of the most influential music scenes scoring over the last 2 decades,  emerging to the forefront of commercial music in the 1990’s we have now reached it’s landmark 20 year anniversary.  It deserves a big shout out that we have now reached the 20 year anniversary since the outbreak of the era that spawned some of the best British club classics ever!  One of the catchiest genres of dance music with it’s fun and yet affirming lyrics is so powerful and always successfully draws a huge crowd to the dance floor.

If Garage Music is your passion; With our very own DJ Darren on the decks mixing his favourite Garage tunes, results in a certified recipe for a successful evening as he plays out beats from Artists like So Solid Crew, Shola Ama and DJ Pied Piper.


Darren on Garage Music – “Do You Really Like It?”

All our DJ’s were there at the clubs and bars mixing and dropping beats with Garage tunes on the decks.   With Essex being the Garage capital of the UK, its fair to say they all have a keen ear for Garage Music.

“With a Little Bit of Luck” I managed to collar Darren to chat all thing Garage Music and find his all time chart busting tunes.  He is our resident expert DJ on Garage beats.  His mixing skills and passion for the style emanate in his energetic performance.   I picked his brains for his top 20 Garage hits.  We better “turn up the base line, I got 21 seconds to chat this rhyme in time”:

Garage Music top 20 hits DJ Wedding Party Essex Suffolk

Top 20 Garage Classic Floor-Fillers with some Heavier Garage Options:

  • A little Bit of Luck – DJ Luck & MC Neat
  • Do you Really Like it – DJ Pied Piper & Masters of Cermeonies
  • Flowers – Sweet Female Attitude
  • Movin’ too Fast – Artful Dodger, Romina Johnson
  • Sambuca – Wideboys ft Dennis G
  • Sorry (I didn’t Know) David Howards Remix – Monsta Boy
  • Tell Me It’s Real – Clun Asylum Steppers Mix – K-Ci & JoJo
  • Thong Song – Artful Dodger Remix – Artful Dodger Remix – Sisqo, M.C Alastair
  • Body Groove – Architechs, NANA
  • Imagine – Shola Ama
  • 21 Seconds – So Soliud Crew
  • 138 Trek – Original Mix – DJ Zinc
  • Battle ft Lain Vocal Mix – Wookie, Lain
  • Booo! – Sticky, Ms. Dynamite
  • Dooms Night – Timo Maas Radio Edit – Azzido Da Bass, Timo Mass
  • Fly Bi ft MC Sparks & MC Kie – Teebone, MC Kie, MC Sparks
  • Hold On – Ft June Hamm – SE22 Mix – Stephen Emmanuel Presents Colours
  • Just In Case (Dub-A-Holics Rollers Revival Mix Edit – Jaheim, Dubaholics
  • Oh No – Sentimental Things – So Solid Crew
  • You Don’t Know – 702



Lets “Holler with the rinsin sound” to Darren for his cracking choices.  Here is Darren’s own words on the dynamic style in the mix:

“Being a Dreamwave DJ allows me to re-live my capital party days in all the big clubs over London, Essex and Europe.  Anyone growing up in this era, having me as their wedding DJ, allows me to take them back and re-live the awesome memories.  Garage music has become so recognised across the board that when asked to play the hits, all ages flock to the dance floor to move to the classic beats.”


Why a Surge of Requests for a dedicated hour of Garage Music at Wedding Evening Parties?

The core Garage era erupted in the late 1990’s.  If you think about it, in most circumstances, couples that enjoyed the Garage mecca genre are now at the age where they are thinking of settling down.  They are saying “Lets Groove” (George Morel) to the energy of Garage music on the day that “trust is the lock is the key, there’s no doubt that your loves all for me” (Shanks and Bigfoot)

We often get asked for an hour during an evening’s wedding  reception purely dedicated to Garage Music.   Darren Says –

“The contagious mix of tracks makes you want to rewind several times.  Its like the DJ has dropped a secret weapon and the crowd goes nuts on the dance floor!”

Garage Music DJ Darren Saxby Wedding Party Essex Suffolk

Thinking you want to Surprise your Other Half on your Wedding Day – Here’s an Idea…..

Because of the re-emergence of Garage music on the Wedding scene, specialist Garage DJ’s and MC’s can be booked for your wedding party for an hour set to work alongside our DJ’s.  It’s awesome to see the surprise on guests faces when the likes of DJ Luck and MC Neat step out to perform their tunes live.  One of our Brides, Emma who got wed at Channels Estate in Essex, took it one step further.  She surprised her then fiancee, Dave, by booking them on the hush hush through Curiosity Artist Agency, where Artful Dodger can also be booked to mix their anthems.  Judging by the look on Dave’s face, it was clearly well worth the secrecy and effort.  It blew him and all the guests away.  The atmosphere was mind-blowing!


Want to find out more?

Give us a tinkle to chat about how you can throw your dance floor into a tizzy.  Just “imagine that it all came true” (Shola Ama).  What are you waiting for!?


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