DJ Booth – Having Only One Option is Not an Option
04 Dec 2017

DJ Booth – Having Only One Option is Not an Option

Having a choice of DJ Booth and Set Up for your Wedding or Evening Party to match your personal style is so important. Read on to see our range of Booths available….

04 Dec 2017

Our team love trying out new concepts and like to think we lead the way in trends for lighting and decor options at weddings and parties.   We keep ahead of the game with a unique approach to each job, bringing new design aspects to the table with each individual client, interpreting your style and requirements, bringing them to life.  With Dreamwave Events, we don’t restrict you to one DJ Booth.  We provide you with various set-up choices, whilst always being open to further notions from our clients.


There is Nothing Pro-Choice about Having no Choice! (Serrin Foster)

Offering a choice of DJ Booth / Set Up for your wedding or evening party is just one small part to planning your evening party or wedding reception.  You need a concept that enhances and complements your party theme.  Not something that looks out of place.   Keep reading for the various “looks” on offer:

Signature Black DJ BoothBlack DJ Signature Booth Table Set Up

This naked set up allows guests to actually witness our DJ’s skilled mixing live, inviting them into the party!

Signature White DJ booth – Selected Colour

Signature White DJ Booth Set Up Table Colour

Similar to the Signature Black Booth, the White Alternative offers the same result, but with a choice of colour to match your theming.  Keep the cloth white or shine a warm glow through the cloth.  Want some colour?  Draw attention to the DJ with bold and bright intensity.

Wooden DJ Booth

Wooden DJ Booth Barn Wedding Rustic Vintage Look

Specially constructed by our Dreamwave Designers in the depot.  This wooden wonder looks stunning in barns and dark wood rooms, complementing the venue impeccably.  Complete the look with LED Candles positioned within the crevices or hanging lamp backdrops.

Further to this, with industrial trends still at the forefront of with weddings of 2018; this DJ Booth offers an excellent pairing to these tones.

Pallet DJ Booth

Pallet DJ Booth Rustic Vintage Look Barn Wedding

Another Dreamwave Crew construction.  Also popular for barn weddings.  A more natural embellishment that is really on trend with the “woodsy” elements entering the 2018 style.

Reclaimed Wood Tressel DJ Booth

Reclaimed Wood Tressel DJ Booth wedding rustic natural vintage

Our exposed decks on genuine 100 year old reclaimed vintage wood brings the DJ into the party and like our Pallet booth, remains on trend for weddings of 2018 with it’s natural wooden tone


Traditional Black DJ Booth with White LED’s

Black DJ Booth Starlit White LEDs

Arguably the DJ Set Up that you see the most at evening parties.  This classic booth is great for a traditional feel.

Traditional Black DJ Booth with Warm Glowing Lights

Black DJ Booth Starlit warm glowing lights

This Set Up is always a favoured choice when accompanied by fairy lighting, as the warm glow illuminating from the booth matches them perfectly.

Traditional White DJ Booth with White LED’s

Classic White DJ Booth Starlit White LEDs

The White DJ Set Up, like its black equivalent, emanates that classic look.  Being the long-established wedding hue, it is a popular choice at wedding celebrations.  It looks great in Marquees or accompanied by venue draping decor!

Traditional White DJ Booth with Warm Glowing Lights

Black DJ Booth Starlit warm glowing light

The White Booth arrangement, similar to it’s black option, matches the decorative fairy lighting.  I particularly love seeing this pictured with a fairy lighting backdrop.  It looks stunning!

What Lighting Colour Wash to Choose with my DJ Booth?

Within your Evening DJ Package, you have a choice of colour that will be projected on the wall behind your DJ.  Being LED lighting the array of colours produced are either vibrant of a natural warm golden glow can be emitted.  Pastel colours are difficult to create and tend not to be visible against the wall (especially dark walls).  Click here for a some examples.

Life isn’t perfect, but your DJ Set Up can be!

With such a choice of DJ Set Up’s, you can achieve the style in keeping theme you envision for your wedding or party.  The DJ booth is not the only element that makes the DJ set up a success.  Check out my previous post for further details.


What do you Think?

Tell me what DJ Booth catches your eye? Have an idea for a unique set up – let us at Dreamwave Events know and we will make it reality!

I hope you found this post helpful and remember; Keep your Heels, Head and Standards High (Coco Chanel)




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