26 Oct 2010

Cocktail DJ Service in Dedham

We recently provided our Cocktail DJ Services

26 Oct 2010

We recently provided our Cocktail DJ Services for a 40th wedding anniversary at The Assembly Rooms in Dedham on the Essex, Suffolk border.

When our clients approached us they were not looking for a ‘traditional mobile disco’ for the intimate celebration of their anniversary. They wanted some light background music while guests were arriving, through the drinks reception and continuing this through the sit-down meal and coffee.

Our Cocktail DJ service was perfect for this. Our DJ Paul was able to set up a small and discreet sound system plus control booth on a raised gallery at one end the room. He played a mixture of classic and piano Jazz throughout the drinks reception and progressed the music to modern artists like Michael Buble, Jamie Cullum & Stacey Kent, along with a mixture of our clients favourite tracks from years gone by.

The evening was very much enjoyed be all that attended this celebration and our service was very highly complimented.

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