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Suffolk Wedding Show 2018

It’s that time of year again where the awesome Suffolk Wedding Show 2018 is on the horizon.  The wedding experts are to hand to answer all your wedding questions for your all important day! Our professional DJ and Lighting Team will be all yours to make your wedding sound and lighting ideas come to life.

Make sure you make the most this fantastic opportunity by making the right preparations.  The wedding fair is a minefield of suppliers eagerly wanting to chat to you about their services.  You need to you know what you are looking for before you go – but at the same time, be open to ideas!

Suffolk Wedding Show 2018 Fair Fayre Ipswich Woolverstone Hall



Where is Suffolk Wedding Show 2018?

This spectacular event is taking place on Sunday 25th February 2018 at a new venue this year: Woolverstone Hall in Ipswich, Suffolk between 10.30am and 3pm.  With glorious amounts of suppliers at hand to realise your wedding requirements.  Nab the opportunity to take advantage of their expertise and make your dream wedding a reality!


Valentine’s Ball – Its a Party me Hearty!

Valentine’s Ball – Saturday 10th February 2018

Don’t let your love life flat-line.  Jump start it with a hearty party at The Hangar, Kesgrave Hall in Ipswich, Suffolk with their Valentine’s Ball.  Begin your evening being greeted with a sparkling pink reception.   Followed by delectable dining boasting the finest of Milsoms cuisine with the added indulgence of luxury coffee and chocolates.

The evening comes to a climax with our Dreamwave DJ to hand to play tempting tunes to get your feet frolicking on the dance floor!  This is well worth the tickets at £50 per person!

Valentine's Ball Party Disco 2018 The Hangar Kesgrave Hall Ipswich Suffolk


How to Book the Valentines Ball

Book online, by calling 01473 333741 or email


Get Inspired! – Real Wedding at Layer Marney Tower

Ali and Jim picked the perfect Autumnal day in October to get hitched at Layer Marney Tower in Colchester, Essex.    I spent a fab morning catching up with Jim and getting his take on their day over coffee and a much welcome box of Krispy Kremes (provided by Jim – they didn’t last long!).

A bit of Background

Ali and Jim had a whirlwind romance and our dream couple were engaged after only 5 months together.  But the sound of wedding bells were not to be heard for some time.  It wasn’t until they had undertook the life experiences of home owning and extending their family with their beautiful daughter, that Jim planned to surprise Ali 20 years later by re-proposing on a romantic beech in Norfolk.

A small shin-dig just wasn’t going to cut it after all this time.  Ali and Jim wanted to celebrate their lives together.  With Jim taking the reins on the planning side (Yes ladies, the groom planned most of the day!), despite the horror stories of groom-planned weddings – Jim is living proof its possible and he did a smashing job!…………

Wedding Layer Marney Tower Colchester Essex

Here’s Jim’s insight on the day….

Why choose Layer Marney Tower as your Wedding Venue?

“It has always been Ali’s dream to get married at Layer Marney Tower. So in that way it was an easy choice.  Having said that we did visit a few alternatives but that really just reinforced was an amazing venue Layer Marney Tower is. Yes, it’s a beautiful place in itself but what makes it truly special are the people who work there. We felt immediately comfortable with no question too small.”

Wedding Layer Marney Tower Colchester Essex

What Drew you to your Choice of Wedding Attire?

“With the help of the excellent Abigail’s Collection and Grooms Room in Colchester. They have such a wonderful setup there and we immediately felt so comfortable. 

Ali wasn’t going to have a dress with a train and I wasn’t going to have tails … but guess what? That’s exactly what we ended up with because in the end, they looked fantastic! Seeing Ali in her dress for the first time as she walked down the aisle really was a ‘WOW’ moment (I found out later from the guests, I actually said ‘WOW’ out loud when I saw her!). So, morale of the story: don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone a little and take the advice of the experts.”

Wedding Layer Marney Tower Colchester Essex Order of Day

Any  Personal Touches?

“We settled on an Autumn theme early on which followed through from the wedding invitations to the decor at the wedding breakfast.  It kept a lovely timeless feel and created a flow which tied together pretty much every aspect of our wedding journey.

Ok, so some might say I went a bit over the top on this one.  I say, Ali deserved the wedding she had been waiting 20 years for.  One I especially like was a custom ‘Order of the Day’ board which we put outside the entrance to the Long Gallery. It looked perfect.”

Wedding Layer Marney Tower Colchester Essex Venue East Anglia Woodland Gobo Projection Up-Lighting Uplighters


Wedding Layer Marney Tower Colchester Essex East Anglia LED Candles Luminara

Décor and Lighting at Layer Marney Tower – An obvious focus!

Here’s where Dreamwave came into their own.  We had originally planned for a another DJ but he was unavailable on our date, so Plan B had to be found.  This was a real stroke of luck as it tuned out because not only would Dreamwave be able to provide the DJ for the evening but the added bonus of the fabulous decor and special touches too.

From the script-style ‘Love’ letters which worked brilliantly under the main window in the Long Gallery to the candles on the staircase (a late addition but totally worth it), the woodland “gobos” and the up lighters.  These are all the things that made the venue ‘ours’ for the evening. 

We settled on an Autumn theme early on which followed through from the wedding invitations to the decor (the woodland gobo’s worked complemented this perfectly) at the wedding breakfast.  It kept a lovely timeless feel and created a flow which tied together pretty much every aspect of our wedding journey.

Wedding Layer Marney Tower Colchester Essex LOVE Letters Lights Scroll Italic


Wedding Layer Marney Tower Colchester Essex Venue East Anglia Woodland Gobo Projection

The Wedding Ceremony at Layer Marney Tower

“I was fine until about an hour before the ceremony.  We’d been at Layer Marney Tower all morning setting up and making everything “just so”.  We had the use of the bridal suite, which was perfect for us to get ready. From there it was a real blur and before I knew it I was standing in the Corsellis Room waiting for Ali to arrive.  I’ve been told that when the door opened and she began to walk down the aisle, I turned round and audibly said “Wow!”. She looked absolutely gorgeous; exactly as I’d dreamed she would.”


The Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast at Layer Marney Tower

“We were so lucky with the weather to be able to have our drinks reception outside, given it was late October.  It was lovely to go into the Long Gallery whilst it was still empty, just us with the smell of the log fire burning in the fireplace.  We were able to take a moment to admire everything and take a breath before the wedding breakfast.   The flowers, from W Flowers, were amazing and reflected the whole Autumn theme perfectly.  Wendy and Julia understood exactly what we wanted including Ali’s favourite Dahlias. They also provided a couple of Bay Trees for the entrance which set it off nicely.

All of the catering was taken care of by Bouquet Garni, the resident caterers at Layer Marney Tower.  They provide all the amazing food as well as serving canapés and drinks. 

Throughout the reception and wedding breakfast, Spencer Wood performed his brilliant magic to entertain the guests.  We had so many complements!  He was also able to provide all the Master of Ceremony duties too, so he really tied the whole day together.”



The Evening Party at Layer Marney Tower

“We opted for an Early Set Up with Dreamwave.  What a great move this was.  We didn’t have to worry about the the chaos of the room turn-a-round.  Our transition from day to night for the evening party felt like a natural progression.  Definitely worth the extra money!  Following the speeches, Spencer hosted another little surprise for everyone: a quick game of Mr & Mrs! It was so simple, yet so much fun too.  

I had one last ‘little’ surprise; my gift to Ali on our wedding day. We had a rouse to get everyone outside, a photo shoot with sparklers, which in itself went really well. Then the surprise: a full fireworks display by Dynamic Fireworks. Queue lots of oohs and aahs and a very, very pleased Ali!  A blow torch to light the sparklers was a great idea.  It was a pretty windy evening and we had not trouble lighting them!

Then it was onto the party! Our Dreamwaves DJ, Spike was amazing!  From the first dance (Still Falling For You by Ellie Goulding) to the last song the music and dancing just kept coming.  We had previously shared a Spotify playlist with Dreamwave so they had an idea of what we liked.  It was fun selecting songs you both love, but not too many: there’s maybe 60 tracks in a 4 hour party.  Also, make sure you let your DJ know if there are any songs you DON’T want played too!  I still have that playlist, it’s a cherished keepsake I hadn’t expected.  It’s something to take away from the day and enjoy again and again, much like the wedding photos.  Music is so emotive too and those happy memories just keep flooding back.”


TIP – You can backup Spotify playlists to files using Exportify.

Advice from the Groom

“I would definitely say to sort out the big questions to start with.  It makes it far less daunting.  So, big or small wedding?  Summer or Winter? Posh or Shabby Chic?  Get the basics right first and you’ll get a better idea of what you’ll need to do later on.

Plan as much as possible as soon as possible.  We set ourselves a goal to book all the main suppliers before Christmas 2016 (for October 2017) and even then it was tight.  Many suppliers will be booked up a year or more in advance, so it pays to get in quick.

Get Organised – Make a list for everything and start from day one.  It’s easy to keep on top of it then. On the day there is so much to do and just having a check list of things to do was invaluable.

Get to know your suppliers.

Decide on a realistic budget and keep a spreadsheet to help keep you in check.  There’s such a lot to think about, from the obvious like stationery, menu choices and wine selections to the more subtle details like easels and drinks.

Keep an open mind – What immediately springs to mind about something may not be what works out when you try it.  So consult your supplier on your thoughts, that’s what they are there for.

Leave a couple of surprises.  In our case the Fireworks and the “Mr & Mrs”

Find a good photographer.  Not just one who takes photos you like but one you would want to spend time with.

Take a moment.  This will be one of the best days of your life and one of the busiest.  During the day itself make a specific effort to take a moment to take in what’s happening.  It’s an amazing time but it is a whirlwind.  You will (necessarily) be whisked off here and there and before you know it, it can be all over before you realise.

Get on the internet. Etsy, Notonthehighstreet, Weddingspot, Pinterest.  These site were really useful for getting ideas.

Finally, have fun!  I met so many lovely people through thus journey. It was an honour and privilege to able to organise our wedding. Not only did I get to finally marry the love of my life,  I had such an amazing time doing it.”


A HUGE thank you to Jim and Ali for inviting us to be part of your day and taking the time to meet me to write about your awesome wedding!

Contact Us

If you liked the look of the Lighting and Decor at Jim and Ali’s Wedding or just want a fab wedding evening party; Contact Us to find out more!


Supplier Credits for Ali and Jim’s Wedding at Layer Marney Tower:


Venue – Layer Marney Tower

DJs, Lighting – Dreamwave Events

Caterers – Bouquet Garni Caterers

Flowers – W Flowers

Wedding Dress and Attire – Abigail’s Collection & The Groom’s Room

Photography – EPS Photography

EPS Blog:—21st-October-2017—Layer-Marney-Tower

Stationery – Dreams to Reality Wedding Stationery

Pianist – Phillip Keith

Fireworks: Dynamic Fireworks

Magician and MC: Spencer Wood

Bridal Hair and Makeup: The Uber Salon

Alterations: Tas’s Alterations

Photo Booth: Strictly Photobooth

Chocolate Fountain: Choc-o-Lush

Wedding Favours: Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics

Order of the Day Board: Paper Fudge

Preparation for the Wedding Fair Season

We are smack bang in the middle of the Spring Wedding Fair season.  I know how intimidating these can be.  All those suppliers waiting to pounce on you, ready to tell you how perfect their products will be for your day.  This is all very daunting and Brides and Grooms need to go in prepared.  So I have prepped this blog post to help you make the most out of wedding fairs and extract what you need from suppliers prior to stepping foot into the gauntlet!

Wedding Tuddenham Mill Essex Suffolk Norfolk East Anglia 2018

Image Credit:

Plan what you want included in your day

Planning a wedding?  – if your anything like me, the list of services available leaves me dumbfounded.  Everyone is different and each couple needs to decide what they want from their day.  I recommend a brainstorm.  Forget budget at first just smash a list out of what will make your day about you.  After all, it’s your wedding and every inch of it needs to scream that it is!

Always bear in mind the season your getting married in and plan appropriately for this.  There is no point having a barbeque for winter wedding!


So, you have written down everything you want.  Now its time to out them in order of what is realistically doable and affordable for you.  After all, you don’t want to be paying for your wedding for the rest of your time on this earth.  If your in a position that you have enough for everything you want, that’s great! But make sure you don’t have any regrets of what you have spent your hard earned cash on.

Wedding OPen Day Fair Fayre Tuddenham Mill Essex Suffolk North London East Anglia Norfolk Lighting DJ

Image Credit: Emily Fae

Set a Budget

This will be a guide to what you can achieve for your day and will help keep you reined in.  It is so easy to over spend and at the same time important to have an clear idea of your wedding day dream so you can get as close to its reality without over stretching.  Remember stay grounded!

Do your own Research

Personal Recommendation, is in my opinion, the best way to find a good supplier.  It gives you re-assurance that they are competent in what they do and deliver a great service!  But on top of this, do your own research online, in wedding magazines and look at reviews.  Prepare questions you wish to ask the wedding experts.


Know the Wedding Suppliers who are Attending the Wedding Fair

Prior to going to a wedding fair, make sure you know what suppliers are attending.  You know what you want on your wedding day and have completed your research and now know who you wish to speak to.  The next step is to ask the suppliers at the wedding fairs how to achieve your goals.  Remember only attend the wedding fairs that suit your style.

Wedding Open Day Fair Fayre 2018 Essex Suffolk Norfolk North London East Anglia

Dave Drane showcasing our Cocktail DJ Service for your Wedding Drinks Reception Entertainment Image Credit: D&A Photography

Wedding Fair Action

You are now prepared to enter a wedding fair.  What is great about wedding fairs is that you will get some great ideas that supports your wedding vision, which is awesome.  Don’t rush, this is your opportunity to speak to the experts in their field and determine if they are the right supplier for your wedding day.  The temptation is to get carried away.  Take away the information and contact details that is relevant to you.

Look for the supplier who is on the same wavelength as you.  Immediately discard the tacky quintessential services and find the companies who “think outside the box”, who is fresh and inspirational.  They need to listen, gauge your personality and find your quirks that will make your day that little bit different and more importantly “yours”. … A company like Dreamwave Events for artistic, stimulating lighting and décor options.

Remember when speaking to wedding suppliers there is always room for negotiation.  But beware – don’t always go for the cheapest price.  In my experience you nearly always find there is a reason why they are cheaper.  Make sure you read the fine print and make sure there are no hidden costs and everything is included that you need.

But do you know what makes a cracking wedding (and what every wedding needs) is the best entertainment you can find.  Of course, I am biased in what I consider the best wedding entertainment available in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk (basically East Anglia!)  Read more about fantastic evening entertainment for your wedding here.

Wedding Open Day Fair Fayre Essex Suffolk East Anglia Norfolk Houchins 2018

Finally…….Be Organised

A life saver for me when organising my wedding, was setting up our own wedding email.  Myself and my now husband both had access and information about our day did not get lost in translation amongst our other online commitments.  This truly helped with keeping everything separate and clear making the whole planning process far less stressful.

Another tip is to create a methodical wedding day spread sheet of services, suppliers, costs, when balances are due, details required etc.  It can all become over-bearing, especially in the couple of months leading up to your day.  You will be thankful of this.  Trust me!


Want to find out more……

Dreamwave Events are the experts in DJ wedding entertainment, lighting and décor in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.  Drop us a line to discuss your ideas in more detail.  Alternatively, you can find us at the following wedding fairs this year:

You only get married once.  Enjoy it! We look forward to seeing you!!!



Cover Photo Credit: Ross Dean Photography

Open for Business – Bruisyard Hall Wedding Open Day 2018

2018 is a new year, a new start with fresh ideas needed to plan your wedding.  Where can you possibly get these ideas?  The team at Bruisyard Hall are having a Wedding Open Day on 28th January 2018.  With it come their contacts of professional suppliers on hand to give their expert advice.


The Wedding Venue – Bruisyard Hall, Suffolk

Bruisyard Hall was completely refurbished in 2012 into what I can honestly say is one of my favourite smaller wedding venues.  With the capacity to entertain up to 140 guests in the characteristic barn, this venue illuminates the perfect balance of modern contemporary with warm rustic features set in idyllic Suffolk countryside.

I love this venue, not only for its obvious welcoming demeanour, but also for its convenience.  Situated not far from the A12, the entire venue is available for hire including not only the barn, but the 14th Century stately home with it”s games room, attic bar and bridal party accommodation.

Fairy Light Canopy wedding lighting Bruisyard Hall Suffolk

The Wedding Open Day – Our Part to Play

Your in luck, Dreamwave Events will be at Bruisyard Hall showcasing a selection of our fantastic lighting services.  We are their only exclusive supplier for both wedding DJ’s and Lighting Hire.  An expert member of our fun, friendly team will be on hand to chat all things music and lighting.

Wedding Lighting

Our director, Dave Drane Says: “We have been working closely with the team at Bruisyard Hall to create brand new and exciting lighting concepts for 2018, that will be displayed on the wedding open day.  Any lighting can be booked directly through the venue.”

Have custom concept ideas? …That’s great!   It’s not just about the ideas, it’s about making ideas happen.  We can do just that.  Chat with the team at Bruisyard and we will look to implement them for you!

DJ Bruisyard Hall Suffolk Wedding Open Day Party

Wedding DJ

Like Rock, Garage, Pop or even Heavy Metal; our skillful DJ’s will play the music you want and conduct your evening party how you see fit.   Our Complete Evening DJ and Lighting Hire package is designed perfectly to complement the features of Bruisyard Hall, especially our new Rustic Wooden DJ Booth, ideal for Barn Weddings.

Help us and Other Suppliers Create your Dream Wedding

All newly engaged couples have a wedding day vision.  Grasp the opportunity to speak to the professional that can make it happen.

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” —Guy Kawasaki, Alltop co-founder and entrepreneur


Questions? Who you gonna call? 


Paul Pollard – What I Want to be When I Grow Up

Our very own Paul Pollard is one half of the heart of  Dreamwave Events.  Certainly the calmer influence of our two co-directors;  Paul takes everything in his stride.  I think good ‘ole William Shakespeare describes him perfectly: “My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy.”

Make no mistake, that whilst I describe Paul this way, he absolutely doesn’t lack ambition.  Without the driving force of himself and his partner in the business, Dave; Dreamwave Events would definitely not be where it is today.

DJ Paul Pollard Dreamwave Events Essex Suffolk

A snippet about Paul Pollard

Our hairless wonder is indeed a chief ingredient in the day to day running of Dreamwave Events.  His secure backbone provides the rudimentary foundations for the team both in the office; out in the field providing DJ entertainment at weddings and parties or building creative lighting installations.  Born in North Essex, Paul shared his childhood antics with my now husband.  Consequently, after getting to know Paul myself, he and Dave asked me to join them working at Dreamwave following the birth of my sprog lets.  A great friend, boss and godfatherly influence to my son; Paul is an individual you certainly want to meet.

Spotlight Paul Pollard DJ Lighting Wedding Essex Suffolk North London Norfolk

Lets find out more…. The interview with Paul Pollard

Since Dreamwave begun, it has quickly evolved into also providing lighting hire weddings and events: What direction do you see DWE going from here?

Dreamwave lighting has evolved quickly since its introduction back in 2015.  I think it was the natural progression for us to move into this area of the industry as we are creative with our ideas and always looking for new fresh looks.  That said we have our own style which I’ve always felt is a mixture of vintage style with a modern twist. Where from here? The sky’s the limit isn’t it!

What part of the business do you enjoy and why?

To be honest I love the day to day running of the business.  No day is the same whether it be on the road, in the office or constructing new concepts in the warehouse.  It also helps that I’m working with my best buddies, we have a good laugh along the way and work great as a team!

Could you have imagined when you started Dreamwave with Dave that it would be where it is today? Would you have done anything differently?

To be honest no.  I can remember taking on our warehouse and thinking we’ve got to pay for this each month! But we made it work and our hard work has got us to where we are today.  I don’t believe in looking back to see if anything would have been done differently, that’s in the past and I just want to look forward to the next chapter.

If Dreamwave Events carries on in it’s current flow, you can take early retirement! On a serious note, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I wish!!! 10 year’s time…….well…..who knows.  We have many ideas going forward for different areas of Dreamwave yet to be released which we are currently working on.  So there’s lots to come!  Stay tuned!

DJ Paul Pollard



Total Recall – Happenings of 2017

What can I say about the year 2017 for Dreamwave Events DJ’s and Lighting that hasn’t already been said about the wheel, penicillin or the iPhone!  In a nutshell, 2017 has been an incredible year which you will see as I rewind time, look back in wonder and flash on my favourite memorialised moments.

The best place to start is always at the beginning…..

Relationships, Ventures and Features of 2017

Install Division Expands

The Wünderbar at Milsoms Restaurant in Dedham

The terrace at Milsoms in Dedham, Essex has been enclosed so that private parties can exclusively enjoy their own bar and lounging area.   Dreamwave Events were asked by Geraldine Milsom to incorporate feature mood lighting and design aspects to set the scene for guests to relax in the unique Wünderbar area.    This unique setting available for exclusive hire is the ideal venue small parties; with a bar, leather sofas and then completed with our vintage filament lamps on festoon droplet pendants; this setting is fantastic for cosy dining during those winter months.

wunderbar misloms hotels essex

image source

Kesgrave Hall. Lighting Installations

We have been busy bees in and out of Kesgrave Hall with various lighting installation and production features throughout 2017.  From Gobo Projections, Haze Machine fitting and Large Mirror Ball accession – The Hangar is now kitted out with a legion of popular party effects!

Jamming with Sister Sax

The way to do great work, is to love what you do.  In February 2017, we joined forces with Sister Sax to form the ultimate DJ and Sax combo jamming session that you wish would never end!  See us in action.

DJ Sax player combination Essex Suffolk combo together party wedding

Feature Pod Cast

One of our Co-Directors, Dave Drane, loves to chat.  You can often find him gossiping away on insta-stories.  In 2017 he featured on a Get Wed Pod-Cast to yabber about wedding evening entertainment.

Snappety Snap! – Photo Shoots at Wedding Venues in 2017

A selection of fortunate wedding venues got the Dreamwave treatment in 2017 with our lighting and decor with a feature photo shoot complementing each venues attributes perfectly.  These lucky ducky’s were Glemham Hall, All Saints Hotel, Bruisyard Hall and Abbots Hall; all based in Suffolk.

The Beginning of Anything you Want – New Looks, New Style, New DJ Booth

Our design team are always busy bees, thinking of new innovative ideas to express our look and adapt to suit individual weddings and parties.  We have recently released a new range of DJ Booths to suit the vast themings available.

New lighting products have also been invested in this year, ever keeping ahead of the game.  Available to hire now are LED Filament Lamps and Pendant Drops (on display at Wunderbar!) and neat Vintage Blaze Lights; both bringing that extra “wow” factor.

Wooden DJ Booth Barn Wedding Rustic Vintage Look

Say who your are without having to speak – Showing off Dreamwaves’s Style

We don’t worry about others using our ideas; we only worry when they stop!  There have been a couple of events this year that as really shown off what we feel is Dreamwave’s look and style:

Osea Island, Essex

We got to show what we were about on this Wedding Day at Osea Island.  The focal lighting installation looked awesome.  Planned by long-established bridal specialists, London Bride, this wedding was so captivating and on trend it featured in “Bride” magazine.

Wedding Lighting Hire Essex Osea Island 2017

Osea Island. Credits: Photography – The Kitcheners; Style and Planning – London Bride; Vervain Flowers; Anthology Vintage Hire

Wilderness Reserve, Suffolk

Working with the gifted wedding planner, Lisa,Carmel we were able to show off our passion and style of lighting at the quintessential multi-acreage venue, The Wilderness Reserve.

Wedding Lighting Hire Wilderness Reserve Suffolk 2017

Wilderness Reserve, Suffolk.  Florist: Emma Soulsby Flowers

Gift yourself a Gift – Wedding Planners

Don’t come untied before tying the knot.  We have worked with some truly awesome professional wedding planners that know how to take the pressure off so you can sit back and enjoy assured that your day is in good hands.

This year we have continued our relationships and worked alongside the talent of Katrina Otter, Bernadette Chapman, London Bride and Carmela Weddings.



Events of 2017

Real Weddings of 2017

We have had an array of super duper weddings this year oozing personal style and trending lighting,  If you want to read more about them, my focused blog pages show off their inspiring ideas.  My favourites of 2017 were Rebecca and Sam at Le TalboothEmma and Gavin at Hengrave Hall and James and Grace at Houchins.

University of Essex Graduation

For the second year running we have been involved in the lighting, decor and production at the University of Essex’ Graduation event.   Providing atmospheric dim-able Festoon lighting in the lakeside and woodland marquees accompanied by our signature magical floating candles; the effects left the students awestruck!  A fantastic time was had by all.

Charitable Cheer in 2017

Wear Your Wedding Dress Again 2017

Our DJ’s and Lighting Team once again we got stuck in to this unique Charity Event hosted by our friend Abigail’s Collection in Colchester.  This successful feature was held at Prested Hall, Essex and this year raised an amazing £4200 for Help for Heroes.  Click here to read more.  If you missed it this year, there is always next years shin-dig to look forward to! Look at some of the photo’s in our Gallery above by D&A Photography.

Take a look at the evening’s happenings in the clip by R J Films.



Fenwick and Milsoms Fashion Show

In September 2017, The Hangar at Milsoms Kesgrave Hall hosted its first charity fashion show on behalf of the GeeWizz Foundation to raise funds for young people in Suffolk.   Fenwick in Colchester joined the party supplying a gorgeous array of Autumn and Winter wear.  This fabulous fashion feature raised more than £6300.  Dreamwave Events were proud to be part of deliverance supplying sound and lighting for this charitable event.

Fire and Ice Ball

Dazzling displays of fire and ice themed shenanigans were the focus of St James’ Place Charity Dinner Event. Entering the Hangar through a fiery flare of festivities into a glittering frozen world.  This glamorous affair offered fantastic entertainment from atmospheric music mixed by our Dreamwave DJ’s to live beats from  Hype Delux.  With climatic scenery during an exquisite three course dinner and fantastic entertainment giving the opportunity to dance the night away – this event had very aspect covered for a successful evening.

The Fire Room – Guests arrived along a red carpet with commanding flambos to a firey reception with high tempo inferno music played from our DJ and a greeted with a blazing cocktail.

The Ice Room – A chilled and frozen atmosphere was created to give the vision of ice.  Ice sculptures we enhanced by our frosty lighting effects with accompanying chilly musical notes. Brrrrrr.


Beertopia’s ethanol enthused event has been an annual success for Le Talbooth.  With live entertainment and barrels of ale to hand along with our Festoon lighting loosely draping under the marquee ceiling, this event is always a guaranteed success.  It’s so good that the whole Dreamwave team went together for a night out!

Sound and Lighting Events at Milsoms, Kesgrave Hall.

We have spent so much time at Milsoms Kesgrave Hall this year being part of all there fabulous events.  Their first function was in February for the fanciful annual Valentines Ball leading to further exciting activities throughout the year.  The sizzling Summer Ball is always a successful affair and their Summer BBQ , along with Le Talbooth’s, equates to a guaranteed evening of delicious cuisine and fabulous entertainment (provided by us of course!).

Another spine-chilling event held by Milsoms in the Hangar section of Kesgrave Hall.  Spooky lighting effects and ghoulish music were provided by Dreamwave for their Halloween Night of 2017.  We did not disappoint!  Read more by clicking here.  This was a fast sell out, so look out for this one next year!

Christmas 2017

The 2017 Festive Season saw Dreamwave DJ’s at Milsoms Kesgrave Hall, Le Talbooth, Wivenhoe House and Suffolk Food Hall, bringing their perfect combination of Dreamwave suave and Christmas beats!

Moving into 2018

We have looked back on 2017 to see how far we have come; now we are full steam ahead, looking forward into 2018.   At Dreamwave Events we like to see things in the present, even if they are in the future (Larry Ellison, Oracel Co-Founder).  I’m saving you a seat.  Watch this space in  the New Year for lighting and decor trends of 2018 and be part of the journey.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.  That’s all folks – Carina, signing off for 2017!


DJ Booth – Having Only One Option is Not an Option

Our team love trying out new concepts and like to think we lead the way in trends for lighting and decor options at weddings and parties.   We keep ahead of the game with a unique approach to each job, bringing new design aspects to the table with each individual client, interpreting your style and requirements, bringing them to life.  With Dreamwave Events, we don’t restrict you to one DJ Booth.  We provide you with various set-up choices, whilst always being open to further notions from our clients.


There is Nothing Pro-Choice about Having no Choice! (Serrin Foster)

Offering a choice of DJ Booth / Set Up for your wedding or evening party is just one small part to planning your evening party or wedding reception.  You need a concept that enhances and complements your party theme.  Not something that looks out of place.   Keep reading for the various “looks” on offer:

Signature Black DJ BoothBlack DJ Signature Booth Table Set Up

This naked set up allows guests to actually witness our DJ’s skilled mixing live, inviting them into the party!

Signature White DJ booth – Selected Colour

Signature White DJ Booth Set Up Table Colour

Similar to the Signature Black Booth, the White Alternative offers the same result, but with a choice of colour to match your theming.  Keep the cloth white or shine a warm glow through the cloth.  Want some colour?  Draw attention to the DJ with bold and bright intensity.

Wooden DJ Booth

Wooden DJ Booth Barn Wedding Rustic Vintage Look

Specially constructed by our Dreamwave Designers in the depot.  This wooden wonder looks stunning in barns and dark wood rooms, complementing the venue impeccably.  Complete the look with LED Candles positioned within the crevices or hanging lamp backdrops.

Further to this, with industrial trends still at the forefront of with weddings of 2018; this DJ Booth offers an excellent pairing to these tones.

Pallet DJ Booth

Pallet DJ Booth Rustic Vintage Look Barn Wedding

Another Dreamwave Crew construction.  Also popular for barn weddings.  A more natural embellishment that is really on trend with the “woodsy” elements entering the 2018 style.

Reclaimed Wood Tressel DJ Booth

Reclaimed Wood Tressel DJ Booth wedding rustic natural vintage

Our exposed decks on genuine 100 year old reclaimed vintage wood brings the DJ into the party and like our Pallet booth, remains on trend for weddings of 2018 with it’s natural wooden tone.

Georgian Desk DJ Booth

Georgian Desk DJ Booth Vintage Style

The dark wood of our Georgian Style Desk Set Up offers our clients a true vintage look.  Looks awesome with decor prop pieces to match the vintage theme.  Fits in with stately homes and period properties.


Traditional Black DJ Booth with White LED’s

Black DJ Booth Starlit White LEDs

Arguably the DJ Set Up that you see the most at evening parties.  This classic booth is great for a traditional feel.

Traditional Black DJ Booth with Warm Glowing Lights

Black DJ Booth Starlit warm glowing lights

This Set Up is always a favoured choice when accompanied by fairy lighting, as the warm glow illuminating from the booth matches them perfectly.

Traditional White DJ Booth with White LED’s

Classic White DJ Booth Starlit White LEDs

The White DJ Set Up, like its black equivalent, emanates that classic look.  Being the long-established wedding hue, it is a popular choice at wedding celebrations.  It looks great in Marquees or accompanied by venue draping decor!

Traditional White DJ Booth with Warm Glowing Lights

Black DJ Booth Starlit warm glowing light

The White Booth arrangement, similar to it’s black option, matches the decorative fairy lighting.  I particularly love seeing this pictured with a fairy lighting backdrop.  It looks stunning!

What Lighting Colour Wash to Choose with my DJ Booth?

Within your Evening DJ Package, you have a choice of colour that will be projected on the wall behind your DJ.  Being LED lighting the array of colours produced are either vibrant of a natural warm golden glow can be emitted.  Pastel colours are difficult to create and tend not to be visible against the wall (especially dark walls).  Click here for a some examples.

Life isn’t perfect, but your DJ Set Up can be!

With such a choice of DJ Set Up’s, you can achieve the style in keeping theme you envision for your wedding or party.  The DJ booth is not the only element that makes the DJ set up a success.  Check out my previous post for further details.


What do you Think?

Tell me what DJ Booth catches your eye? Have an idea for a unique set up – let us at Dreamwave Events know and we will make it reality!

I hope you found this post helpful and remember; Keep your Heels, Head and Standards High (Coco Chanel)




Where to Find our DJ’s – Christmas Parties 2017

The best way to spread Christmas Cheers is for a Dreamwave DJ to play songs loud for all to hear!  Dreamwave DJ’s can be found in the mix and doing their thing at the following venues this winter season for Christmas Parties 2017 in Essex and Suffolk.  If you lucky enough to have got tickets in time, here is where to find us:


Christmas Parties 2017 – Where to find our DJ’s this Year:

Le Talbooth, Essex

Christmas Party nights at Le Talbooth are always a success and not to be missed.  We will be there throughout December for you to dance the night away after a smashing meal provided by Milsoms.

Christmas Parties 2017 Le Talbooth Essex

The Hangar, Kesgrave Hall, Suffolk

Enjoy your Christmas at The Hangar, Kesgrave Hall “the most excitging party venue in Suffolk” with a Dreamwave DJ alongside Sister Sax supplying the Christmas beats for an unforgettable evening.  Cant make the Christmas Parties? – Never fear, we are also there for New Year!

Christmas Parties 2017 The Hangar Milsoms Kesgrave Hall Suffolk

Wivenhoe House, Essex

A scrumptious festive dinner and Dreamwave DJ is on the menu for Christmas Parties 2017 at Wivenhoe House.  Dont miss out!

Wivenhoe House Wedding winter wonderland lighting hire in Colchester

Suffolk Food Hall, Suffolk

Its a food hall – your in for a fulfilling tasty treat for your dinner at Suffolk Food Hall, Christmas Parties 2017!  Then followed on by a Dreamwave DJ, is a guaranteed receipt for success!


Keep calm and get your Ho Ho Ho on; the Christmas Party season is on it’s way!


Spotlight on Darren – Garage Music Top 20

Garage music  has firmly held a deserved title as one of the most influential music scenes scoring over the last 2 decades,  emerging to the forefront of commercial music in the 1990’s we have now reached it’s landmark 20 year anniversary.  It deserves a big shout out that we have now reached the 20 year anniversary since the outbreak of the era that spawned some of the best British club classics ever!  One of the catchiest genres of dance music with it’s fun and yet affirming lyrics is so powerful and always successfully draws a huge crowd to the dance floor.

If Garage Music is your passion; With our very own DJ Darren on the decks mixing his favourite Garage tunes, results in a certified recipe for a successful evening as he plays out beats from Artists like So Solid Crew, Shola Ama and DJ Pied Piper.


Darren on Garage Music – “Do You Really Like It?”

All our DJ’s were there at the clubs and bars mixing and dropping beats with Garage tunes on the decks.   With Essex being the Garage capital of the UK, its fair to say they all have a keen ear for Garage Music.

“With a Little Bit of Luck” I managed to collar Darren to chat all thing Garage Music and find his all time chart busting tunes.  He is our resident expert DJ on Garage beats.  His mixing skills and passion for the style emanate in his energetic performance.   I picked his brains for his top 20 Garage hits.  We better “turn up the base line, I got 21 seconds to chat this rhyme in time”:

Garage Music top 20 hits DJ Wedding Party Essex Suffolk

Top 20 Garage Classic Floor-Fillers with some Heavier Garage Options:

  • A little Bit of Luck – DJ Luck & MC Neat
  • Do you Really Like it – DJ Pied Piper & Masters of Cermeonies
  • Flowers – Sweet Female Attitude
  • Movin’ too Fast – Artful Dodger, Romina Johnson
  • Sambuca – Wideboys ft Dennis G
  • Sorry (I didn’t Know) David Howards Remix – Monsta Boy
  • Tell Me It’s Real – Clun Asylum Steppers Mix – K-Ci & JoJo
  • Thong Song – Artful Dodger Remix – Artful Dodger Remix – Sisqo, M.C Alastair
  • Body Groove – Architechs, NANA
  • Imagine – Shola Ama
  • 21 Seconds – So Soliud Crew
  • 138 Trek – Original Mix – DJ Zinc
  • Battle ft Lain Vocal Mix – Wookie, Lain
  • Booo! – Sticky, Ms. Dynamite
  • Dooms Night – Timo Maas Radio Edit – Azzido Da Bass, Timo Mass
  • Fly Bi ft MC Sparks & MC Kie – Teebone, MC Kie, MC Sparks
  • Hold On – Ft June Hamm – SE22 Mix – Stephen Emmanuel Presents Colours
  • Just In Case (Dub-A-Holics Rollers Revival Mix Edit – Jaheim, Dubaholics
  • Oh No – Sentimental Things – So Solid Crew
  • You Don’t Know – 702



Lets “Holler with the rinsin sound” to Darren for his cracking choices.  Here is Darren’s own words on the dynamic style in the mix:

“Being a Dreamwave DJ allows me to re-live my capital party days in all the big clubs over London, Essex and Europe.  Anyone growing up in this era, having me as their wedding DJ, allows me to take them back and re-live the awesome memories.  Garage music has become so recognised across the board that when asked to play the hits, all ages flock to the dance floor to move to the classic beats.”


Why a Surge of Requests for a dedicated hour of Garage Music at Wedding Evening Parties?

The core Garage era erupted in the late 1990’s.  If you think about it, in most circumstances, couples that enjoyed the Garage mecca genre are now at the age where they are thinking of settling down.  They are saying “Lets Groove” (George Morel) to the energy of Garage music on the day that “trust is the lock is the key, there’s no doubt that your loves all for me” (Shanks and Bigfoot)

We often get asked for an hour during an evening’s wedding  reception purely dedicated to Garage Music.   Darren Says –

“The contagious mix of tracks makes you want to rewind several times.  Its like the DJ has dropped a secret weapon and the crowd goes nuts on the dance floor!”

Garage Music DJ Darren Saxby Wedding Party Essex Suffolk

Thinking you want to Surprise your Other Half on your Wedding Day – Here’s an Idea…..

Because of the re-emergence of Garage music on the Wedding scene, specialist Garage DJ’s and MC’s can be booked for your wedding party for an hour set to work alongside our DJ’s.  It’s awesome to see the surprise on guests faces when the likes of DJ Luck and MC Neat step out to perform their tunes live.  One of our Brides, Emma who got wed at Channels Estate in Essex, took it one step further.  She surprised her then fiancee, Dave, by booking them on the hush hush through Curiosity Artist Agency, where Artful Dodger can also be booked to mix their anthems.  Judging by the look on Dave’s face, it was clearly well worth the secrecy and effort.  It blew him and all the guests away.  The atmosphere was mind-blowing!


Want to find out more?

Give us a tinkle to chat about how you can throw your dance floor into a tizzy.  Just “imagine that it all came true” (Shola Ama).  What are you waiting for!?


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